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The recovery plan and community for Dad's. Helping you rebuild your life, fulfill your potential and achieve your dreams.

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Team Super Dad is a program and community for Dads to create the life of their dreams - especially after divorce, separation or loss. 

Why Team? Being on a team means you are not alone. You have coaches, leaders, team mates. It gives you strength and keeps you going.

Why Super Dad? Every Dad is a Super Dad. We have to push through the tough times, to rebuild and achieve our potential. We all want to be our best for our kids. Team Super Dad is here to ensure no Dad has to do it on his own.

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Dad and Daughter Growth - Team Super Dad
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Team Super Dad - Be Your Best

What you get:

Coaching & MeetUps via Video :  

Weekly group calls for training and support in the core subjects. Calls are lead by subject matter experts, who then answer questions from the Dad's. Other weekly video meetings are just for fun and to break the lonliness that can sometimes creap in. 


Recorded in series format focusing on the six core subjects. Listen one at a time or binge your way through. This is the ideal way to get the guidance and inspiration you need.

Friends & Facebook Group:

You are never alone in Team Super Dad. Ask questions, have a laugh, request support. Talk to the group as a whole and then build up new friendships of your own. 

Socials and Face to Face events:

Having fun with your kids and meeting other like-minded Dad's. We make that easier and encourage local events between Super Dad's. 

Jonnie Jensen - Team Super Dad

My vision: Team Super Dad

It's September 2017 and I am climbing Gross Lockner, the highest mountain in Austria. We are in a blizzard. I can barely see the guide in front of me, nor hear the others behind me. I am also in the middle of a painful divorce. This was not how life was supposed to feel. I'm better than this and I need to rebuild. But how?

As the storm clears the peak of the mountain is revealed. The answer was not how but who. The people I need - that all Dad's need - are already out there. I just need to pull them together. To create a program and community to help men and Dad's achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential. To ensure their children grow up happy, secure and confident. 

And that is when Team Super Dad was born. Being in a Team, with coaches, leaders and teamates is empowering and supportive. And being a Super Dad? Well that is what all good men want to be for their kids. Don't do it alone. Do it in Team Super Dad.

~ Jonnie Jensen ~

Team Super Dad Founder

How Does Team Super Dad Work?

Team Super Dad is an ongoing program of guidance and support in the six key areas of life. It is about making great decisions and building new friendships.

Whether in a relationship or coming out of one, we all want to succeed in life. Team Super Dad will put your on the path to happiness and success with practical advice and actions plans from our expert leaders. 

Choose the modules you want to take or simply enjoy the new friendships you will form with other Super Dads.

Health Team Super Dad


You need a healthy mind and body to get back on track. Fitness, nutrition and mental well-being are all part of the process.

Wealth Team Super Dad


Your financial position needs to be strong. Reduce debt, increase income, create more time and build for the future you deserve.

Love Team Super Dad


Joy starts in the heart. Whether your children, yourself or future partner you need to be able to love freely and confidently. 

Faith Team Super Dad


Whatever your faith or non-faith, believing that the Universe is on your side is vital to future success and happiness. Believe!

Fun Team Super Dad


The World looks a whole lot better when you are laughing and socialising. We have got to get out and enjoying life to the full.

Personal Power Team Super Dad

Personal Power

Breaking into a new life of abundance. Something brave and better than ever. You can achieve anything. Let's do this!

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